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BloodStorm - Painkiller Fragmovie written by sK1p, 2008-11-29 16:10 CET (6 comments)

A Movie by Paindemonium with the best Frags of the Painkiller Duel Cup #2 [pkcup.tourney.cc]

Featuring frags from HeGe, sK1p, killua-chan, Question and MPK|Zwiastun,

Directed by: Paindemoium
Players: Various
Resolution: 706x480
Framerate: 25 fps
Codec: x264
Length: 4:42

Low Quality [shell.tcz.pl] (mirror 2 [tombraider.central-game.net]) 37MB
High Quality [shell.tcz.pl] (mirror 2 [tombraider.central-game.net]) 142MB
Best Quality [shell.tcz.pl] (mirror 2 [tombraider.central-game.net]) 353MB
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Youtube [de.youtube.com]
Wipido Stream [wipido.com]
own3d Stream [own3d.at]

those with x264 playback problems on VLC [videolan.org], try Media Player Classic with latest ffdshow [free-codecs.com]

Painkiller Duel Cup #2 is over written by sK1p, 2008-11-10 10:37 CET (10 comments)

sK1p vs. killua-chan
DM_1v1_Meatless: 18-7
DM_Psycho: 10-9

Final Standings:
1st sK1p
2nd killua-chan
3rd HeGe
4th noaim/Question
5th/6th Zwiastun
5th/6th Uuber

Final Videos:
POV sK1p
1st Map DM_1v1_Meatless [shell.tcz.pl]
2nd Map DM_Psycho [shell.tcz.pl]
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Painkiller Duel Cup #2 written by sK1p, 2008-10-19 20:43 CEST (13 comments)

  • Date: Saturday, 08.11.2008
  • Start at 18:00 CEST
  • Timelimit 15
  • Best out of Three
  • Proplus and Rocketfix enabled
  • Double Elimination
  • Third Map will be decided by a coin toss


Mod used:
PK++ [noaimgaming.de]

Official Cup Servers:
noaim Public |
killua-chan Duel |

If both Players agree, Matches can also be played on other Servers.

Please make Screenshots of your Matches

Official IRC Channel #painkiller.cup [irc.quakenet.org] on Quakenet.

For all of you who dont have mIRC, i created a mIRC [noaimgaming.de] file, where you automatically join the #painkiller.cup channel. You only have to download it and to start the .exe file.

Everyone needs to be in the official irc Cup Channel

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