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Winner of Painkiller Duel Cup #1 written by sK1p, 2008-10-04 21:56 CEST (5 comments)

Rampage Jackson vs. noaim/Question
DM_1v1_Meatless: 16-12
DM_Sacred: 17-19
DM_Psycho: 18-9

Final Standings:
1st Rampage Jackson
2nd noaim/Question
3rd Zwiastun
4th noaim/Crash
5th BARMAN2005
6th virus

Final Videos:
POV Rampage Jackson
1st Map DM_1v1_Meatless [tombraider.central-game.net] (mirror [files.filefront.com])
2nd Map DM_Sacred [tombraider.central-game.net]
3rd Map DM _Psycho [tombraider.central-game.net]
POV noaim/Question
1st Map DM_1v1_Meatless [shell.tcz.pl]
2nd Map DM_Sacred [shell.tcz.pl]
3rd Map DM_Psycho [shell.tcz.pl]
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Sorry for the Delay written by sK1p, 2008-09-22 09:04 CEST (1 comments)

Sorry for the Delay

New Date: 27.09.2008

The First round Matches can be played this week (if you are able to catch your opponent) and the next Matches on Saturday and Sunday.

Some Informations written by sK1p, 2008-09-08 13:23 CEST (2 comments)

  • Date: Saturday, 20.09.2008
  • Start at 18:00 CEST
  • Timelimit 15
  • Best out of Three
  • Proplus and Rocketfix enabled
  • Double Elimination
  • Third Map will be decided by a coin toss


Mod used:
PK++ [noaimgaming.de]

Please make Screenshots of your Matches

Official IRC Channel #painkiller.cup [irc.quakenet.org] on Quakenet.

For all of you who dont have mIRC, i created a mIRC [noaimgaming.de] file, where you automatically join the #pkcup channel. You only have to download it and to start the .exe file.

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